Preserving the rich natural resources of Colorado is paramount to protecting our communities, advancing the state’s economy, and improving the health of Coloradans. This means promoting environment and energy policies that accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable resources and energy efficiency programming, advancing electrification efforts in our transportation sector, and ensuring appropriate funding and programming for the conservation of our public lands and wildlife.

The Polis Administration is dedicated to moving Colorado's electric grid to 100% renewable sources by 2040. Due to a rich history of private and public sector leadership, we enjoy a robust and quickly growing clean energy sector.  Moving forward, the administration will support this growth by promoting expanded investments in renewable energy projects, modernizing both our grid infrastructure and our regulatory processes to ensure that all Coloradans are reaping the full benefits of clean energy, incentivizing greater energy efficiency and conservation efforts and supporting Colorado’s clean energy innovators and entrepreneurs.  As part of this work, we’ll pursue strategies and policies that cultivate co-benefits of consumer choice, consumer benefits, economic growth and diversification. We must also use all of the tools at our disposal to ensure a just and equitable transition for Colorado, including assisting those workers and communities that have been the backbone of our incumbent energy system and positioning them to thrive as part of a 21st century, clean energy economy.

As we move towards 100% renewable energy, we must extend the positive impact of that clean electricity across the economy. Electrifying cars, buses, and trucks not only leads to cleaner air and improved public health, but reduces greenhouse gas emissions from one of our top emitting sectors.  Colorado has taken significant steps to move forward on transportation electrification and stands out as a national leader, but there is still much work to be done. Learn more about the climate preparedness roadmap on the Office of Climate Preparedness and Disaster Recovery webpage and what is being done to prepare for the future impacts of climate change. 

Governor Polis Plugging In an Electric Car