Ask For Help

In an effort to create and maintain a state government that takes a hands-on approach to constituents’ cases, the Governor’s Office will try to help citizens navigate the many state departments and agencies. The Office of Constituent Services is the division of the Governor’s Office tasked with directly helping constituents with their questions about state government.

Q. Can the Governor help with city or county issues?
A. As a “local control” state, the Governor cannot interfere on the local level without the permission of city or county officials. Examples of this include school districts or local police departments. Problems on the local level should be addressed with local officials in the city and county or your Colorado State Representative.

Q. Can the Governor assist with judicial matters such as ongoing cases and complaints?
A. As the head of the Executive Branch the Governor cannot handle judicial matters such as complaints against judges or other legal offices or institutions. The Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline is a resource for constituents to file complaints against judges or the courts. They can be reached at (303) 457-5131.

Q. Can the Governor assist with a pardon?
A. The Governor entrusts the Department of Corrections to handle all pardon and extradition issues. The Office of Pardons and Extraditions can be reached at (303) 763-2428.

Q. Can the Governor’s Office take a complaint about a private business?
A. All consumer protection issues are handled out of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Line, and can be reached at (303) 866-5189. The Colorado Consumer Line is another useful resource and can be reached at (303) 222-4444. We also recommend the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Division. The Better Business Bureau of Denver can be reached at (303) 758-2100. The Federal Trade Commissiontakes complaints online.

Q. There is a new state law being discussed that I disagree with. Can the Governor take action against it?
A. The Governor will take comments or questions on new legislation. We can take comments via phone, fax, post and email. The contact information for the Office of Constituent Services is on the top of this page. However, concerns related to legislative matters (such as the creation of new bills) are best directed towards your State Senator or Representative.

Q. I have a question or concern regarding a Federal Department or program. Can the Governor’s Office help?
A. The Governor does not have jurisdiction over any Federal programs or agencies. Some examples include Social Security, Medicare or Immigration. There are a number of Colorado State level agencies Governor’s Office can assist with.

Q. Where can I find a general overview of Colorado State Government?
A. Information about our state government can be found at

Q. Does the Governor’s Office have contact information for specific divisions of large state agencies, such as the Colorado Department of Human Services?
A. Yes. The Governor’s Office has contacts in each state agency. These advocates can readily answer questions or address concerns about the topic to which they are assigned.

Q. Does the Governor’s Office help with workers compensation or unemployment?
A. Yes. The Governor’s Office accepts calls about issues with either worker’s compensation or unemployment. All information received is referred to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment for further assistance. The Unemployment Office can also be reached at (303) 318-9000.