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Municipal Bonds and Special Districts


Colorado Municipal Bond Supervision Act

This Act makes it unlawful for any district to issue bonds or for any other person to make a distribution of such bonds unless they are first registered with the Securities Commissioner under section 11-59-108 or unless the issuance of bonds is exempted under section 11-59-110.

Also, it is unlawful for any district to refinance bonds without the prior written approval of the Securities Commissioner.

Refer to the Colorado Revised Statute under "Title 11", "Securities", and "Article 59" for the complete text of this Act.


Municipal Bond Supervision Act Interpretive Order - Dated March 27, 2006


General Requirements

When filing a registration application use Form MR, a fee of $500 and must include all requirements listed in section 11-59-107 and section 11-59-108.

Exemptions are filed onForm ME, include a fee of $100 and you must include all requirements listed in section 11-59-110.

Under section 11-59-118, Interpretation and interpretive opinions relative to any provision of this Act, or any Rule or Order under this Act may be requested. The person submitting the request shall pay an Opinion fee of $100.


Fee Schedule





Interpretive Opinion





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