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Please see the schedule below for your license type and the estimated month/year that you can  renew online.  Renewal fees are set shortly before the online renewal to ensure that fees represent most recent program revenues and expenses.


License Type

License Prefix



Academic Dentist

AD February  Even
Academic Veterinarians AV August  Even
Acupuncturist ACU December  Odd
Anesthesiologist Assistants ANT January  Even
Architect ARC October  Odd
Athletic Trainers AT November  Odd
Audiologist AUD March  Even
Barber BAR March  Even
Boxing Official OFC June  Annual
Boxing Promoter PRO June  Annual

Certified Addiction Counselor I
ACA August  Odd
Certified Addiction Counselor II ACB August  Odd
Certified Addiction Counselor III ACC August  Odd
Certified Nurse Aide NA January  Even
Certified Nurse Aide
Medication Aide Authority - MMA
CNM September
 Odd and Even
Based on original date of licensure
Certified Public Accountant CPA November  Odd
Chiropractor CHR October  Odd
Cosmetologist COS  April  Odd and Even
Based on original date of licensure
Crematory CRM  November  Annual
Dental Hygienist DH  February  Even
Dentist DEN  February  Even
Direct Entry Midwife MWR  November  Annual
Electrical Contractor EC  September  2014, 2017, 2020
Esthetician COZ  March  Even
Funeral Home FH  November  Annual
Hair Stylist HST  March  Even
Hearing Aid Provider HAD  March  Even
Journeyman Electrician JW  September  2014, 2017, 2020
Journeyman Plumber JP  August  Odd
Landscape Architects LA  January  Odd
Licensed Addiction Counselor ACD  August  Odd
Licensed Clinical Social Worker CSW  August  Odd
PN  August  Even
Licensed Private Investigator PI  February  Annual
Licensed Professional Counselor LPC  August  Odd
Licensed Psychologist PSY  August  Odd
Licensed Social Worker LSW  August  Odd
Limited License LTD  October  Even
Manicurist MAN  March  Even
Manufacturer MFR  October  Even
Marriage and Family Therapist MFT  August  Odd
Massage Therapist MT  January  Odd
Master Electrician ME  September  2014, 2017, 2020
Master Plumber MP  August  Odd
Nursing Home Administrator NHA  February  Annual
Naturopathic doctor ND  November  Annual
Occupational Therapist OT  January  Odd
Optometrist OPT  March  Odd
Optometrist Volunteer OPT  March  Odd
Other Outlet OO  October  Even
Outfitter OUT  March  Annual
   Limited License – LTD
   Manufacturer – MFR
   Other Outlet – OO
   Prescription Drug Outlet In-State – PDO
   Prescription Drug Outlet Out-of-State – OSP
   Wholesaler In-State - WHI
   Wholesaler Out-of-State - WHO
PHA  October  Odd
Pharmacist Intern IN  October  Odd
Physical Therapist PTL  October  Even
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA  October  Even
Physician DR  April  Odd
Physician Assistant PA  January  Even
Physician Training License TL  August  2014, 2017, 2020
Plumbing Contractor PC  August  Odd
Podiatrist POD  August  Annual
Podiatrist Volunteer License PDV  August  Annual
Prescription Drug Outlet In-State PDO  October  Even
Prescription Drug Outlet Out-of-State OSP  October  Even
Pro Bono Physician DRP  April  Odd
Professional Engineer PE  October  Odd
Professional Land Surveyor PLS  October  Odd
Provisional LPC LPP  August  Odd
Provisional MFT MFP  August  Odd
Provisional PSY PSP  August  Odd
Provisional SW SWP  August  Odd
Psy Tech-Developmentally Disabled DD  March  Odd
Psy Tech-Mentally Ill MI  March  Odd
Public Accounting Firm FRM  August  2014, 2017, 2020
RN  September  Based on original date of licensure
Registered Psychotherapist NLC  August  Odd
Residential Plumber RP  August  Odd
Residential Wireman RW  September  2014, 2017, 2020
Respiratory Therapist RTL  August  Even
Shop Registration REG  November  Odd
Speech Language Pathologist SLP  November  Annual
Surgical Assistant SA  March  Annual
Surgical Technologist ST  March  Annual
Veterinarian VET  October  Even
Wholesaler In-State WHI  October  Even

Wholesaler Out-of-State

WHO  October  Even





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