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Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physician


Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physician 

Effective August 2006, the Board adopted revisions to Rule 140 involving Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physicians. A candidate for this license type will be required to supply additional documentation supporting their qualifications as a Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physician.

Such documentation will include:

Enclose a copy of the letter offering you a faculty position. The letter must include the following:

  • Reasons international recruitment for this academic faculty position was necessary;
  • Proposed role you will have on the academic faculty and the level you will serve;
  • The ways in which your qualifications match the factors listed in 1(B) of Board Rule 140;
  • Documentation of full time employment;
  • Your actual start date for the position offered.

Provide a copy of your current curriculum vitae addressing the following:

  • Nature and length of your post graduate medical training in your area of specialty;
  • Nature of your prior academic experience, including but not limited to teaching experience, other visiting professorships, professorships in home country;
  • Demonstrated teaching ability;
  • Nature of your clinical experience and expertise;
  • Quality and quantity of your medical publications in books and journals.

Submit a letter addressed to the Board describing how your talents will contribute uniquely to clinical medicine and research in Colorado.


Application for Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physician License

Application to Reinstate an Expired Distinguished Foreign Teaching Physician License


Questions should be addressed directly to Jan Seewald, Administrative Assistant, (303) 894-7716 or jan.seewald@state.co.us.


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