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Online Services

Internet Explorer 11 Users: You may experience issues with pages not loading. If so, please click here and follow the instructions provided for "Page Loading" issues.

Google Chrome and Firefox are the recommended web browsers at this time. If you have these available on your machine, please use them to access Online Services.


New Users: Click here if you have not used Online Services before, or cannot remember your User ID and/or Password.


Returning Users: Click here if you have logged into Online Services since July 1, 2012.

If you would like some additional instructions prior to renewing your license, please view the instructional videos and electronic pamphlets below.

How to Create a New Account:

How to Verify your Email Address:

How to Change your Mailing Address: 

How to Change your Email Address:

How to Check the Status of your Application:

How to Renew your License:



For technical questions regarding our Online Services or if you experience problems with access to the system, please click this link: Online Services Help. Or you may contact our System Support Unit at: dora_dpo_onlinelicenses@state.co.us. If you have questions about a pending application or other licensing issue, please contact the Office of Support Services at 303-894-7800.



  • You may have a typographical error in your social security number or last name. If this is possible please try starting again from here.
  • If you are confident that you are typing the information correctly, there may be an error in our system regarding your information. Please contact us at regonline@dora.state.co.us to confirm your information.
  • If you have recently applied for licensure, please allow 10 days before your information can be accessed in our system.




At this time, you can not create a new user account. Please visit your profession or occupation's home page for further application instructions. Visit www.dora.state.co.us/registrations/occupational.





  • Currently users without a SSN cannot register thier account online. Please contact the System Support Unit at: regonline@dora.state.co.us to recieve information on how to access your account.






Current Information: Click the "Current Information" link on the left side. This will display the tabs mentioned in the section above where you can check your contact information, case information and relationship information.

Update Your Contact Information: If you need to update your mailing address or phone number, click the "Update Your Contact Information" link on the left side. There you will be able to click on your record and follow the prompts to either select a previous address on file or create a new address record. NOTE: If you need to change your email address click the link in the upper right hand corner titled "My Account." Your email address of record will display at the top of the page. Click the link next to it titled "Change." You will be able to enter your new email address here. You will have to verify it first by checking your email account and clicking on the link provided by the system. Once done, you will be able to re-enter your account and proceed.

Lookup a Colorado License : To look up another Colorado Credentialed Professional or Entity, click the "Lookup a Colorado Credential" link on the left side. There you will be able to enter credential and/or name information to review a credential record.

Generate a list of Licensed Professionals/Entities : To generate a list of all credentialed professionals/entities that includes mailing information, click the link "Generate List of Credentialed Individuals/Entities."




View User Information: Click the "My User Information" tab at the top. There you will be able to see all of your credential information including credential numbers, expiration dates, listed contact information and more.

View Case Information: Click the "My Case Information" tab at the top. This area will list any Board/Program Actions that have been taken against your credential.

View Credential Relationships: Click the "My Relationships" tab at the top. Here you can view any supervisor/supervisee relationships that are attached to your credential(s).





Renew Your Credential: If your license is in it's renewal period you will see a link on the left side titled "Complete Credential Renewal." You will only see this link within 6 weeks prior to your credential expiration date and for 60 days thereafter. If you do not see the Renewal link, then your credential is not yet in renewal and you must wait until at least 6 weeks prior to the expiration date.

Affidavit of Eligibility: This form is required by Colorado State Law to be completed prior to any new issuance, renewal or reinstatement of a credential. If you have not completed one within 30 days of renewing your credential you will see an error message explaining that you must do so. To complete your Affidavit of Eligibility, click the link on the left titled "Affidavit of Eligibility" submission.





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