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Professionals (Applications & Forms)


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Dental Hygienists


Become a Board Consultant

Are you a licensed dental professional who would like to increase your involvement in your profession? The Board is seeking dentists and dental hygienists who will provide expert consultation to the Board on matters involved in the complaint process. Consultants are required to have been licensed and practicing in the state for at least five years immediately preceding their application. Consultants should be willing to provide an opinion both in writing and in court testimony. The Board especially is seeking dentists practicing in rural areas and outside the Front Range area and in the areas of specialty practice. If you have an interest in increasing your involvement in professional matters by becoming a consultant for the Board, contact the Board at (303) 894-7758 for more information.

Become a Practice Monitor

The Colorado Dental Board is looking for Colorado dentists and dental hygienists to act as practice monitors for other Colorado dentists and dental hygienists. To become a practice monitor you will be required to take a one-day practice monitor training course. For further information please contact

at (303) 369-0039.

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