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Addiction Counselors

Certified Addiction Counselor Level I (CAC I) is an entry-level gateway for the addiction professional’s career path. The initial 1000 hours of verified work experience for a Level I might not involve psychotherapy activities as defined in the Mental Health Practice Act, and therefore do not require registration.  However, if the initial 1000 hours include psychotherapy activities the applicant must be registered in the Registered Psychotherapist (RP) database in order to receive work experience credit and be compliant with the Mental Health Practice Act.  If an individual plans to accrue hours for a Level II certification (CAC II) without first achieving a level I (CAC I), then registration in the database as a RP is required to be compliant.


  • Original License by Examination:  You are applying to take an examination in order to qualify for licensure in Colorado.
  • Original License by Endorsement:  You hold an equivalent license in another state and wish to apply for licensure in Colorado.
  • Renew:  You currently hold a Colorado license and are in a renewal period.
  • Reinstate:  Your Colorado license has expired and you wish to reinstate the license. 


For Registered Psychotherapist Database Registrations, click here.

Applications & Forms

Certified Addiction Counselor (all levels) Application

Endorsement Application - Certified Addiction Counselors (all levels)

Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) Application

Application to Reinstate an Expired License

Application to Reactivate an Inactive License

Endorsement Application - Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC)

Application to Change Status from Active to Inactive

Form A - Completed CAC Training/Education

Form B - Completed CAC Training/Education for Clinical Master's or Doctorate Degree Applicants

Education Equivalency Information

Addiction Counselors Handbook

Model Mandatory Disclosure Form

Jurisprudence Examination Overview

Online Jurisprudence Examination

CAC Training Facilities




NCAC & MAC Examination Information


Education equivalency documents must be submitted unbound (no notebooks, binders or hard bound books) in an electronic PDF file to your application specialist.

For Jurisprudence Examination resources, visit Laws, Rules and Policies.

License Expiration Grace Period for New Applicants. All new applicants who are issued a certification/license within 120 days of the upcoming renewal expiration date will be issued a certification/license with the subsequent expiration date. For example, certifications/licenses issued between May 1, 2013 and August 31, 2013 will reflect a certification/license expiration date of August 31, 2015. Certifications/licenses issued prior to May 1, 2013 will reflect an expiration date of August 31, 2013 and must renew in the upcoming renewal period.

License Renewal Information. All Addiction Counselor certifications and licenses expire on August 31 of odd-numbered years and must be renewed to continue practicing.


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