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Colorado LITAP Quarterly Payment Calculation Forms & FINAL REPORT


Colorado LITAP FINAL Quarterly Payment Calculation Report Forms

Who must file: All Eligible Telecommunication Carriers certified to do business in the state of Colorado must file a report, as must providers of basic local exchange telecommunications services with approved LITAP tariffs on file with the Commission.

(Also, each provider to which the Commission’s rules are applicable shall file implementing tariffs with the Commission. Other telecommunications providers may voluntarily file LITAP tariffs.)

The report form is being circulated in order to assist you with the calculation of your quarterly payment. Pursuant to 4 CCR 723-2-2805(d), if the total revenue collected is in excess of the amount sufficient to reimburse the provider, the provider shall by the 30th day following the end of each quarter ( April 30, July 30, October 30, and January 30) remit the excess to the Commission.  (See specific instructions below provided for each quarterly filing.)

Payment Calculation Forms for Collections

FINAL REPORT and Payment Calculation Form DUE June 1, 2013

Report and payment of excess LITAP collections:


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