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Long Distance & Prepaid Calling Card Providers Comparison

Long Distance Comparison

In conjunction with TollChaser.com, the website ABTolls has compiled a Long Distance Rate Analysis Tool that helps Colorado consumers determine the best Long Distance rates to suit their needs. Simply select the Phone Service Rates Analyzer link or the Profile-Based Rates Search and enter in your average monthly usage to view the list of best rate providers.


Prepaid Calling Card Provider Comparison

Location Brand # of Minutes Per-Minute Rate Price Miscellaneous Surcharges
King Soopers
Kroger Phone Cards: Call America 150 Check nearest location to verify price Payphone Surcharge $.99
Directory Assistance $.85
Sam's Club/WalMart
AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards 120 (7 pack) $.03 $29.14

Billing Increments 60:60
State-to-State $.07
Payphone Surcharge $.56
Universal Connectivity Charge 9.1%

100 (200 pack) $.03 $69.38
1000 $.03 $34.70


Prepaid Calling Cards are also available at:

Office Depot

Please visit your nearest location to compare the rates.


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Rates listed are effective 2012. Rates and calling plans are subject to change. Contact companies for current rates and additional calling plans. Please note: Some companies may have plans with cheaper rates if you sign up for service through the Internet, pay your monthly bills by credit card, or both.


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