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Natural Gas Information

Residential and small business consumers use a bulk of their natural gas in the winter for space heating. Click here to see the Top 10 Winter Energy Saving Tips provided by the Governor's Energy Office and the OCC. Since you probably use much more gas in the winter than in the summer, your winter natural gas bills are probably much higher than your summer bills. Many consumers have taken advantage of utility budget billing programs to help even out their energy bills over the year and avoid the high gas bills that can occur in the winter. Contact your utility for more details about this program.

A good explanation of the natural gas industry with answers to the questions consumers often ask can be found at the Energy Information Administration (EIA) website in the Natural Gas section. Click here to view the information.

Regulated utilities that provide natural gas service in Colorado:

Xcel Energy Public Service Company of Colorado
(800) 895-4999

Black Hills Energy
(888) 890-5554

SourceGas Distribution
Rocky Mountain Natural Gas
(800) 563-0012

Colorado Natural Gas
Eastern Colorado Utility
(800) 720-8193

Atmos Energy
(888) 286-6700


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