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Electricity Information

As a result of the passage of Amendment 37 on renewable energy in 2004, both Public Service and Black Hills Energy file proposed Compliance Plans on July 1 each year. There reports show the utility's actual results for the prior calendar year beginning with 2007 and whether it achieved compliance with the Renewable Energy Standard. There plans also provide each utility's strategy for obtaining 20 percent renewable generation by the year 2020.

On October 31 of each odd-numbered year, Public Service and Black Hills Energy file transmission line plans indicating for what new proposed projects they will be seeking approval in order to minimize transmission constraints. These plans designate energy resource zones in which the expansion of new transmission facilities will help to develop beneficial energy resources.

On a four-year basis, the most recent being in 2007, both Public Service and Black Hills Energy file:

  • Proposed resource acquisition plans

  • A proposal to acquire new generating resources to meet customer needs while taking into account energy conservation measures

  • Renewable mandates

  • Transmission line plans

  • General economic conditions

Regulated utilities that provide electric service in Colorado:

Xcel Energy Public Service Company of Colorado
(800) 895-4999

Black Hills Energy
(888) 890-5554


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