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Real Estate Appraisers Homepage

Board of Real Estate Appraisers

Chair - Bruce Willard
Vice Chair - Wayne Hunsperger

Consumer Protection is our Mission

The Division has a seven-member Board who meet monthly to conduct rulemaking hearings, make policy decisions, consider licensing matters, review complaints and take disciplinary action against real estate appraisers. The seven-member Board consists of three licensed or certified appraisers, one county assessor, one banker with experience in mortgage lending, and two members of the public. The Board members serve a three-year term.

Board Information

Licensee Information


Licensing Information  

Initial real estate appraiser licenses are issued for the year in which the license is applied for, expiring on December 31st of that year. Renewal of the initial license has the license renewed on a three-year cycle, expiring December 31st of the third year. To receive a license an individual applicant will need to submit proof of completion of education and examination requirements, submit to a background check, obtain errors and omissions insurance, fill out an application and an experience log and pay a fee. The process can be complex.

Educational and Examination Requirements

Education and examination for the various appraiser credentials. In general, all applicantsw must complete specific courses and pass the National Uniform Certification Examination. In addition, licensees must also complete 42 hours of continuing education and the applicable 7-Hour USPAP course in each 3 year license cycle.  The examination requirements page includes information on continuing education, CE audits, and submitting a proposed course to approval.

Investigations & Settlement

The Board has investigative authority over licensed and certified appraisers to ensure compliance with license laws and regulations. When the Division receives a complaint on a n appraiser the staff will conduct an investigation into the matter and if there are violations that warrant disciplinary action Division staff will attempt to resolve the matter through our Expedited Settlement Program (ESP).

Real Estate Manual (Statutes, Rules & Position Statements)

The real estate manual contains all statutes, rules, and position statements for the Appraiser and other programs. The annual Real Estate Manual is a useful resource for any licensee. If you would like to order a hard copy of the manual click here.

Proposed and Revised Rules

Visit the Proposed and Revised Rules page to view proposed rules and get information on upcoming rulemaking hearings or download new rules.



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