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About the Division of Real Estate

The Division of Real Estate is the licensing, regulation and enforcement agency for real estate brokers, appraisers and mortgage loan originator industries.


The Division’s objectives are to:

  • Provide protection to consumers and other stakeholders.

  • To educate consumer on their rights and promote consumer awareness throughout the State of Colorado

  • To enforce state and federal laws, rules, regulations and standards and impose disciplinary action when recommended

  • To license real estate brokers

  • To license real estate appraisers

  • To license mortgage loan originators

  • To Certify conservation easement holders

  • To register timeshares and raw land subdivisions developers

  • To register homeowners associations

  • Investigates complaints

  • To enforce compliance with state and federal laws

  • To impose the recommended disciplinary actions against licensees



  • As a result of Colorado’s high foreclosure rate, the real estate sales market is declining. Although foreclosures are continually rising, some predict that the real estate sales market will improve within the next two years. Due to the number of foreclosures, the real estate rental market is climbing. Many homeowners are renting their properties, instead of selling, to preserve ownership. Meanwhile, some of the same homeowners find themselves renting other properties that have a lower monthly payment.

  • In June 2007, Governor Bill Ritter signed into law four new mortgage loan originator bills that gave the Director of the Division of Real Estate regulatory authority over mortgage brokers in the State of Colorado. As a result, in addition to having regulatory authority over real estate brokers and appraisers, the Division of Real Estate now has jurisdiction over mortgage brokers, as well.

  • One stop shopping is addressed through new laws that require disclosure of new or changing affiliated business arrangements between real estate broker and other settlement providers and/or companies. Settlement providers include but are not limited to, title companies, mortgage companies, appraisers and inspectors.

  • The trend shows real estate broker applications for licensure are declining. Consumers, in the real estate market, are increasingly relying on the internet to obtain real estate information and services.

  • The Division of Real Estate’s mission is consumer protection as well as creating a competitive market where business can thrive.



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