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Real Estate Broker Licensing

Real Estate Broker licensing protects the public through regulation of real estate brokers and by developing and maintaining education and licensing requirements.

Important Notice: We have been noticing issues with online renewal with the newest version of Internet Explorer (version 10) and Windows 8. We are working on correcting the issue. You may use either Firefox or Chrome, or an older version of Internet Explorer to renew your license, or you may fill out the Broker Renewal Affidavit and mail the form in with a check in the amount of $165. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Transaction Files and the Retention of Records

The records of licensed brokerage activity must be retained for four years. Licensees must produce records concerning licensed activity and the operation of the trust accounts upon request of the Commission.

Records Retention Checklist pdf file

Commission Approved Contracts and Forms

List of Active Real Estate Brokers

The Real Estate Commission adopts contracts and forms based on the recommendations of the Real Estate Commission Forms Committee in response to new laws, changes in practice and in consideration of public protection.


Affiliated Business Arrangements Disclosure Requirement

Real Estate Brokers are required to disclose affiliated business arrangements at the following times:

1) when a licensee enters into an affiliated business arrangement;
2) when a licensee changes affiliated business arrangements;
3) when a licensee applies for a license;
4) when a licensee changes status from inactive to active;
5) when the licensee transfers to another brokerage; and
6) annually from all employing brokers.

Note: Complete a separate form for each Affiliated Business Arrangement.

Online Disclosure Form

Affiliated Business Arrangement FAQs

HUD's Affiliated Business Disclosure Statement 




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