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Consumer Assistance

Requesting Information

The Division of Insurance answers thousands of questions from consumers every year. If you need information or have any questions about your policy, your rights and protections, or a potential agent or insurer, contact the Colorado Division of Insurance.

The Division of Insurance does not recommend companies or producers, but we can give information as to whether a company or producer is licensed to do business in Colorado.

You can call us at 303-894-7490, email your questions to insurance@dora.state.co.us or fill out the on-line Request Assistance form.

Filing a Complaint

Consumers can file a more formal written complaint when an insurance company doesn’t fulfill expectations.

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What the Division of Insurance can do:

We will review the information you provide to us. We may suggest actions or procedures you may take that could aid in resolving your insurance problem. We will contact the insurance company and present your complaint, using the information you have submitted, and ask for the company’s side of the issue.
We encourage you to continue to protect your interest and pursue other avenues of resolution while the company prepares a response to your complaint. Read your policy to see if there is an appeal process or steps you must follow.
We will investigate your complaint to determine whether your rights under your insurance contract were violated, or if the insurance company has acted inappropriately. If we find indications of possible wrongdoing, the Division of Insurance will follow up with the insurance company regarding compliance with Colorado insurance laws and regulations.
We will make every effort to complete the investigation in a timely manner. Please be aware, it may take up to 90 days to finalize a complaint filed against an insurance company. However, it may take longer if your complaint involves a unique issue or complex problem.

What the Division of Insurance cannot do:

We cannot act as your lawyer, give you legal advice or recommend an attorney.
We cannot recommend or rate an insurance company, agent or policy.
We cannot identify an insurance company with whom a particular person or entity may have a policy.
We cannot resolve disputes of fact between you and the insurance company. For example:
We cannot decide the facts surrounding the complaint (that is, which set of facts accurately describe what occurred);
We cannot make medical judgments.
The Division of Insurance cannot take a position or assist you in matters over which we do not have legal jurisdiction or authority. This includes problems with companies and services that are governed by federal, not state law, or when your policy was written in another state.

However, if you are not sure who has legal authority in your situation, please present your complaint or questions to us and we will point you in the right direction.

What You Can Do

If you wish to file a complaint on an insurance company that you feel has not treated you appropriately, you may do so by sending a fax or letter to:
Colorado Division of Insurance
1560 Broadway, Suite 850
Denver, CO 80202-4910
(fax: 303-894-7455)

If you choose to send or fax a letter please provide the company's name, your policy or ID number and a brief summary of your complaint.

Please be sure to send copies of any letters that are connected with your complaint, that you've sent to, or received from, the company or other parties involved.

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