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Protect Yourself Against Medicare Fraud

Fraud Tips:

Never give your Medicare or Medicaid number over the telephone or to people you do not know.

Beware of health care providers and suppliers that use telephone calls and door-to-door selling as a way to sell  you goods or services.

Be suspicious of companies that offer free medical equipment or offer to waive your co-payment without first asking  about your ability to pay.

Beware of health care providers who say they represent Medicare or a branch of the Federal government, or providers  who use pressure tactics to get you to accept a service or  product.


You should be suspicious if a provider tells you that:

  • The test is free; he only needs your Medicare number for his records.

  • Medicare wants you to have the item or service.

  • They know how to get Medicare to pay for it.

  • The more tests they provide, the cheaper they are.

  • The equipment or service is free; it won't cost you anything.


Be suspicious of:

  • Home health providers that offer non-medical transportation services or housekeeping as Medicare approved services.

  • Ambulance companies that bill Medicare for non-emergency trips.

  • Suppliers that bill Medicare for medical equipment for beneficiaries in a nursing home.

  • Physicians that give the wrong diagnosis on the claim form so Medicare will pay.



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