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Housing Discrimination

Fair housing laws were enacted to provide equal housing opportunities. It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person's protected class in the sale, rental or financing of housing.

Predatory Lending sales or rentals may involve a discrimantory loan designed to strip equity from the owner of the housing, or an unaffordable mortgage that is meant to force the owner into repeated refinancing, or a deceptive loan created to force the owner into foreclosure. Individuals may be targeted for illegal practices based on a protected class.


Intake Packets

Housing Intake Packet - English (Fill out this form on your computer, print, sign and submit; OR, print out this form, fill it out, sign and submit--Charging Parties and/or their representatives are free to transmit the completed/signed Intake Packet by fax or digitally (scanned/emailed).)

 Material de Admision de Vivienda - en Espanol (Oct. 2013)  (Imprimir este formulario, escribir a mano o tipo, firmar y enviar; O, imprimalo, completelo, firmelo y envielo--La persona que lleno la forma o un representate tambien pueden enviar el formulario complete y firmado por fax or por correo.)

Additional Information

Sexual Orientation & Transgender Status Discrimination Brochure





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