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Employment Discrimination

Colorado Law prohibits discrimination in employment based on certain protected classes (characteristics). Examples of prohibited discriminatory practices include: failure to hire or promote; harassment; unequal compensation; terms and conditions of employment; termination; constructive discharge; aiding and abetting; retaliation; and other practices.

Colorado law prohibits discrimination in employment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. By legal definition, sexual orientation means heterosexuality, homosexuality (lesbian or gay), bisexuality, and transgender status. Transgender status means a gender indentity or gender expression that differs from societal expectations based on gender assigned at birth.


Intake Packets

FILLABLE Employment Intake Packet - English (Oct. 2013)  (Fill out this form on your computer, print, sign and submit; or, print out this form, fill it in, sign and submit--a Charging Party or his or her representative are also free to transmit the completed/signed Intake Packet by fax or digitally (scanned/emailed).)

 PARA LLENAR Material de Admision de Empleo - en Espanol (Oct. 2013)    (Imprimir este formulario, escribir a mano o tipo, firmar y enviar; O, imprimalo, completelo, firmelo y envielo--La persona que lleno la forma o un representate tambien pueden enviar el formulario completo y firmado por fax or por correo electronico.)


Additional Information  

Sexual Orientation & Transgender Status Discrimination Brochure



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