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Continuing Professional Competency - Physical Therapists


Introduction to Continuing Professional Competency for Physical Therapists

Pursuant to section 12-41-114.6, C.R.S., all active physical therapists shall maintain and demonstrate continuing professional competency in order to renew, reinstate, or reactivate a license to practice physical therapy in the state of Colorado. Physical therapist assistants are not required to participate in continuing professional competency. The continuing professional competency requirements begin after the 2014 renewal cycle ends.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program was created to help licensees assess their professional work, identify areas of growth and stay current with the profession. A detailed explanation of continuing professional competency can be accessed in the Continuing Professional Development Manual found in the "Resources” section of this page. Licensees can meet the continuing competency requirements by one of the following three methods:

   1. Participation in the CPD program;
   2. Qualifying for Deem Status; or
   3. Receiving a military exemption.

In addition to the program manual, visit the FAQ section below for information about these three methods of compliance.


Slide Guides to Understand Continuing Professional Development 

To view the Continuing Professional Development Program's presentation for Physical Therapists click SLIDE GUIDE(VIDEO) or SLIDE GUIDE(PDF). These slide guides will provide you with the information you need to understand how to meet the requirements of continuing professional development.

Questions from previously held webinars are answered in Webinar QA's. Click the title to view the questions and answers.


Click on the title of each document to view it.

Document Title                                                               Description
Continuing Professional Development Overview This document provides guidance on meeting the requirements of the CPD Program.
Continuing Professional Development Program Manual This document provides guidance on meeting the requirements of the CPD Program. Answers to commonly asked questions can be found in this manual.
Reflective Self Assessment Tool (RSAT) and Goals This form is used by the licensee to determine learning opportunities for professional development.
Learning Plan and RSAT Attestation Form This form serves as documentation of learning goals, learning plans, and the completion of learning plans. This document will be sent to the Board upon audit, otherwise, it is to be retained by the licensee.
Professional Development Activities (PDA) List The list of PDA can be used as a guide to determine learning opportunities for meeting learning goals.
Board Standards for Continuing Education Activities  The standards for determining physical therapy Category I continuing education activities are reflected in this document.
Scenarios on Competency                                              Examples of scenarios, Learning Goals, and Learning Plans are provided in this document.
Board Approved Specialist Certifications (Category I Points) This document lists approved specialist certifications that can be used for Category I points.
Specialist Certification Petition This form can be used to obtain a review for approval of non-ABPTS specialty certification / recertification to receive Category I points.
FAQ's This document presents frequently asked questions and provides answers to them.

Program Highlights


Each 2 year renewal period (e.g., November 1, 2014 through October 31, 2016):

1. Complete the Reflective Self-Assessment Tool (RSAT) and create Learning Goals;

2. Create a Learning Plan according to the RSAT, or, the Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (AKS);

3. Accrue 30 points of Professional Development Activities (PDA), 15 points must be Category I activities as listed in the Professional Development Activities (PDA) List; and

 Every 10 years:

 4. Complete an Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (AKS)

Click on the titles of the documents listed under "Resources" above to access the manual containing detailed instructions on meeting CPD requirements, and to access forms including the RSAT, Learning Plan, and Professional Development Activities (PDA) List.


A licensee who satisfies the continuing professional competency requirements of a Colorado state agency or department pursuant to section 12-41-114.6(1)(c), C.R.S., shall meet the following criteria:


1.      In order to renew a license, a licensee shall attest to his/her Deemed Status;

2.      The state agency’s program of continuing professional competency must be substantially equivalent to the CPD program administered by the Board and must include, at a minimum, every two years the following components:

  • An assessment of knowledge and skills;
  • Thirty (30) contact hours of learning activities; and
  • Demonstration of completion of continuing competency activities.


3.      Licensees shall submit appropriate evidence of participation in a qualifying program if selected for an audit.

  • A letter from the Colorado state agency or department or contractual entity specifying that the licensee has completed the continuing professional competency program, or
  • Other documentation approved by the Board which reflects the licensee’s completion of a program of continuing professional competency.




Pursuant to section 12-70-102, C.R.S., licensees who have been called to federally funded active duty for more than 120 days for the purpose of serving in a war, emergency or contingency may request an exemption from the continuing professional competency requirements for the renewal, reinstatement, or reactivation of his/her license for the 2-year renewal period that falls within the period of service or within six months following the completion of service.


1.      Military exemptions must be approved by the Division of Professions and Occupations. Licensees seeking a military exemption shall submit a request in writing with evidence that the licensee’s military service meets the criteria established in section 12-70-102, C.R.S.


2.      After being granted a military exemption, in order to complete the renewal process, a licensee shall attest to his/her military exemption.

Professional Development Activities are learning activities undertaken to increase the licensee’s knowledge and skill or hone existing knowledge and skill for the purpose of continuing professional development.

An Assessment of Knowledge and Skills is an objective third-party assessment that compares a licensee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to the standards for entry-level practice.

An AKS shall be completed once every 10 years and counts for 15 Category I points (see PDA List in the Resources section above). The ten year cycle starts upon the renewal of a license in 2014 or upon the first renewal of a license thereafter. Credit will be given for up to two AKS in a single ten-year cycle.

The Board has approved any Practice Review Tool (PRT) administered by the Federation of State boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) as an acceptable AKS. At this time, there are two PRT being offered by FSBPT. For more information, please visit their website at www.fsbpt.org.

A Reflective Self-Assessment Tool is a reflective practice tool in which a licensee can reflect upon his/her knowledge and skills pertaining to the foundational areas of physical therapy practice taking into account the licensee’s current level and area of practice.


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