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Online Apprentice Registration Instructions

Using Online Services:

  • Apprentices can create a new account and register as an apprentice;
  • Contractors can search for existing apprentices, add existing apprentices to their contractor registration and remove apprentices from their registration upon separation.


If you wish to add an apprentice who is not yet registered with the division, you must first register an account for them.  YOU CANNOT DO THIS FROM YOUR CONTRACTOR ACCOUNT.  Logout immediately and follow the instructions in Part 1.  Register the apprentice account as if you were that person creating an account for the first time.  You will need their personal information to register an account for then; or you can have the apprentice do this themselves.


Apprentices must first register with DORA as an individual.  This involves registering an account (name, SSN, address, etc.) with DORA so the contractor who hired you can add you to their contractor account.


Click on the + to view Instructions for Registering as an Apprentice and/or Adding/Removing an Appentice to/from a Contractor Registration



Register an Account:

Start by visiting the welcome page for Online Services:

  1. Click "Register" in the upper, right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Choose "Individual" and "No," if this is your first time registering with the division. 
    *If you believe you may have registered before, choose "Yes" and follow the prompts on the sceen by entering your SSN and last name.  If No Match is Found, you can resume the account registration.  Otherwise, please login to your existing account. 
  3. Now you can register an account by creating a User ID and password (retain these for your records) and by providing the required information.  All fields marked with a red asterisk are required including three Security Questions and the Security Code at the bottom of the account creation screen.
  4. Once you have completed the appropriate fields, click "Create Account."  NOW YOU MUST VALIDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.  If you did not receive an account confirmation email, click the "Generate E-mail" button.  Only click this button once.
    *NOTE: You must be logged into your account to complete your registration. 
  5. From your email, use the unique link sent to you from no-reply@www.colorado.gov.  Once you click on that unique link, you should receive a message that your account has been activated and you are now able to login using the user ID and password you created.  Note: If your email address cannot be validated, call DORA for manual validation.
  6. You have NOT yet applied for a registration.  Create an Apprentice Registration number by following steps 7 through 14.
  7. Log into your account.  if you do not have an account, see the instructions directly above for registering an account.
  8. Click on "Apply for a NEW License" on the left-hand side of the screen.
  9. Select the appropriate Apprentice type from the list provided by clicking the “Start” link next to the apprentice type.
  10. Complete entry of all required fields on the Applicant Information page (those marked with a red asterisk) and click “Next.” 
  11. The final page is for you to attest that all the information is correct.  Enter today's date and click "Next."
  12. Read the "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" section.  It is important that you retain your issued Apprentice Registration number provided after submission of the application and provide it to your contractor so they can activate your registration. 
  13. Review your information for accuracy and click "Finish Application."   There is no fee due.  Apprentices do NOT pay the $30.00 fee; the contractor pays this fee. You will see a confirmation page indicating that your submission is complete.
  14. Now click on the "Current Information" link on the left-hand side of the screen.  Your apprentice number will display at the bottom of the screen and will say "Pending Supervision."  Give this number to your contractor.  The contractor will then ADD you to their company as an apprentice.


Contractors, please follow the instructions below to ADD and PAY for an apprentice being added to your registration.  Notice the IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CONTRACTORS above if you are registering an account for a newly hired apprentice.


Add/Remove an Apprentice to/from your Contractor Registration:

  1. First, ask the newly hired apprentice if they have registered with the division.  If they have, you can search for that apprentice by name or their apprentice number.  If the apprentice has yet to register an account in Online Services, please have them do so using the above instructions in Part 1 before proceeding.
  2. Log into your Contractor account. If you have not yet created an online account for your Contractors license, please follow the instructions for registering an account in Step 1, but register as a business rather than an individual.  NOTE: You will need to ensure that your FEIN (Tax ID Number) is on file with the Division in order to access online services. If you attempt to log in using that information and you receive a message stating “No Match Found,” please contact the Helpdesk at dora_dpo_onlinelicenses@state.co.us and a representative will assist you.
  3. Once logged into your account, click the button on the left labeled “Add/Remove Apprentices.” On the following screen click the “Start” button (if you do not see "Start," but instead "Delete or Continue," this is because you never completed adding/removing an apprentice to/from your registration.  Click "Continue" if you wish to proceed or "Delete" if you wish to delete the work in progress).
  4. The next screen will display a list of your current apprentices.  Click "Next" and then "Add" to search for your newly hired apprentice(s).
  5. If you have an apprentice number, type it into the "License Number" field.  DO NOT INCLUDE THE prefix APE or AP or any zeros before the number.  Otherwise, search for the apprentice by name and click "Search."
  6. If your apprentice has registered an account, they will be listed below the search criteria with a "Detail" and an "Add" link.  To add the apprentice to your registration, click "Add."
  7. Ensure the information is accurate, adjust the start date (date of hire) as necessary and select “Employer” as the “Association Type.” Then click “OK.”
  8. You will be returned to the “Add Associations” screen. If you have more apprentices to add, repeat the steps to do so.  Otherwise, click "Next" to attest to the changes.
  9. Using this screen, you can Remove apprentices from your registration by clicking on the pencil and paper icon under "Action."  Set the "Association Status" to "Inactive" and click "OK."  Now click "Next" to attest to the addition(s)/removal of any apprentices.
  10. You may now review the information you have submitted. After review, if you need to edit, use the left hand links or the “Previous” button to return to a previous screen and edit. If all is correct, click the “Proceed to Payment” button.
  11. The Invoice page will be displayed. Pay the appropriate fee. Click the “Pay Invoice” button in the upper right-hand of the screen. You must submit payment for registration to be complete.
  12. Complete the payment steps on our Secure Online Payment system either by credit card or electronic check.
  13. After payment has been completed you will be returned to a confirmation page indicating the process is complete. Print this page for your receipt.  Your apprentice is now added to your registration and ACTIVE.
  14. You can confirm this by using the Lookup a Colorado License feature.  Logout of the Contractor account and click on the link on the left to do so.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to view and print many of these materials. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download the latest free version directly from the Adobe website, or convert a document to text.


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