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Register an Account

How to Register an Account

Our new Online Services system was implemented July 1, 2012 and all users must register a new account if you have not already done so afterJuly 1, 2012!

• Click "Register" at
www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Default.aspx to create your new online account.

 • Click “Next” to register as an INDIVIDUAL. You will then be asked to enter your social security number and last name. Then click “Finish.”

 •The User ID field will be populated with the User ID that is assigned to you. Please write down this User ID for use in the future. You can change this User ID at this time if you wish. To do so, delete the existing User ID that the system created and  enter the User ID you would like and write it down for future use.

• Next, create a password, answer security questions and click "Create Account." Please write down this password. You may select from the optional questions provided in the dropdown that will best suit your memory. These questions are used in the event that you forget your password in the future.

Verify Email Address—To complete the registration of your account, you will have to verify your email address.

• Once you are logged in, click on "Generate Email.” An email will be sent to the email address shown on the screen. Only click this button once. Multiple clicks will invalidate each previous email sent to you and you will have to click the link in the most recent email.

• Go to your personal email account and open the email that was just sent to you from our system. It will come from
no-reply@www.colorado.gov (be sure and check your spam or junk folder).

• Open the email you just received and click on the address link in the email (or copy and paste it into your address bar/web browser). This will take you back to our system which will validate your email.


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