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Maintenance of Licensure


Maintenance of Licensure

Maintenance of licensure (MOL) is a new process by which licensed physicians periodically provide, as a condition of license renewal, evidence that they are actively participating in a program of continuous professional development that is relevant to their areas of practice.

A partnership of local and national medical organizations is beginning to develop MOL pilot projects in Colorado. The top priority is to create a system that does not impose burdens on physicians or get in the way of patient care. To that point, the partnership is putting a strong emphasis on gathering input from physicians and taking the time needed to build an effective system: we want and need to hear their ideas and input at every step of the way. We invite anyone with an interest to join in the conversation as we move forward.  Please take a moment to provide your input by completing this 10 minute survey at www.nbme.org/physician-survey.

  • Physicians will report and periodically demonstrate compliance of practice-based learning.
  • Physicians will develop or include current lifelong learning activities.
  • No"'high stakes" testing.
  • Administratively simple and economical means to assure physicians can comply while remaining competitive in an increasingly challenging practice environment.



  • Board certified physicians who are participating in a Maintenance of Certification program will have presumptive compliance with this licensure standard.
  • Physicians not already involved in MOC/OCC will have reasonable pathways to become involved in the MOL system.
  • Physicians working in non-clinical positions will also have specific pathways which take into account their unique situations.





While an initial medical license can be considered a “snapshot” of skills, knowledge and competence at the beginning of a career, MOL is intended to ensure continued professional development over the length of a career.

The MOL initiative is part of a larger, widespread movement in health care aimed at:

  • the enhancement of patient safety
  • the measurement of quality outcomes
  • improvements to systems and processes

Virtually all of the major organizations and institutions in health care have embraced these concepts and most are moving forward with new systems based in continuous quality improvement. Empowered patients increasingly expect higher quality measures and an emphasis on safety in medical care.

MOL intends to shift from traditional continuing medical education (CME) to a more robust system that enables physicians to demonstrate practice improvement through performance measures, which are increasingly expected of them in today’s changing medical environment. MOL is an organized, physician led response to changes in medicine – including care-delivery consolidation, scientific and technological advances, the steep rise of health expenditures, and new means of determining the comparative effectiveness of health care services.



Moving Forward with MOL in Colorado

Because this is a new system that will impact the way physicians renew their licenses, the partner organizations are moving forward very carefully, thoughtfully and methodically to ensure the system is sound and well designed. The top priority is to create a system that does not impose burdens on physicians or get in the way of patient care.

The development of MOL in Colorado is being led by the Colorado Medical Society, Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine and the Colorado Medical Board, with support from the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), and American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Pilot projects will begin in 2013, with physicians playing an integral role in developing the MOL process.  An emphasis is being put on gathering input from physicians: the agencies above want to hear their ideas and input at every step of the way.  Anyone with an interest is invited to join the conversation as we move forward.



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