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CPE Information

The Colorado State Board of Accountancy DOES NOT ISSUE SPONSOR AGREEMENTS to CPE providers.

As of January 1, 2004, the Colorado State Board has adopted the NASBA/AICPA CPE Standards. Colorado does not pre-approve courses or providers. If both the licensee and the CPE provider comply with the NASBA/AICPA CPE Standards, the continuing education will be accepted as meeting the CE requirements for the Colorado State Board.

Providers and certificate holders are responsible for following the NASBA/AICPA CPE Standards. Below is a link to the CPE Standards for your convenience.

The Board does not give advice or interpret the Standards for CPE providers or certificate holders.

The Board does not review courses for providers or certificate holders to determine compliance with those Standards.

The Board does not maintain a list of pre-approved CPE courses, endorse any particular provider or make referrals to certificate holders regarding CPE course providers.

Certificate holders must contact the CPE Provider to determine if the CPE meets and complies with the NASBA/AICPA Standards.

Please review the following links for more information regarding continuing professional education.

If you have questions regarding the Colorado State Board of Accountancy CPE Requirements that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact the Board at DORA_AccountancyBoard@state.co.us.


The Board routinely audits the continuing education records of certificate holders on a sample or complete basis to determine compliance with the CPE requirements.

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