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Professional FAQs


Download tips and information here.


Visit the Professionals Page in the program area web pages.


This profession/occupation does not have Continuing Education requirements.


This profession/occupation does not have Continuing Competency requirements.


Visit the program's Licensing Requirements page for an overview of the requirements and the Professionals page for applications and other forms.


What are the examination dates?
The examination is given several times each week in different areas of the state. You will be given a schedule of times, days, and contact information at the time that you are approved for examination. You will choose the site convenient for you and make your own arrangements.

What fees are required for licensing?
Prior to taking the examination, you will need to submit a license application along with an application processing fee.The current fee is noted on the application form. Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change.

The examination fee is collected by the examination vendor Pearson vue and must be paid at the time of reservation and each time you take the exam. After you pass the examination, you will receive your license at no additional charge. Payment will not be accepted at the test center.

What qualifications do I have to meet to be approved for the examination?
This information is outlined in the Licensing Requirements section of this website.

Is Colorado reciprocal with any state?
No, not at this time. If you would like information concerning the qualifications in other states, please visit the Colorado Contractor's License Reference Site.

What is license by endorsement?
License by endorsement is explained in the Licensing Information section of this website.

What code is Colorado using for the examinations?
The 2009 International Plumbing Code.

Where can I obtain a code book?
Code books are available for purchase at most college book stores. You may also purchase them through the publisher, the International Code Council (www.iccsafe.org).

How quickly will I receive my exam results?
The examination results are received upon completion of the examination at the testing site. When you successfully pass the examination, you will immediately be issued your license. Excluding examinations taken as a requirement for reinstatement of a license.

When will my license expire?
All newly-issued and currently renewed licenses will expire August 31 of odd-numbered years.


Where can I obtain a permit?
Plumbing Permits can now be obtained online. If you do not wish to use this option, you may download a permit form or contact our office for assistance.

Where can I find the current permit fees?
The current permit fees are listed on the permit form.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Yes, through our online permit system only.

Do I have to be licensed to install plumbing in my own home?
No, however, the following is the homeowner clause which must be signed when applying for your permit:

HOMEOWNER CLAUSE: The plumbing law provides you, as the homeowner, the opportunity to perform your own plumbing installation provided the following is true: (1) You are the property owner and this property is not for sale or resale, is not rental property which is occupied or is to be occupied by tenants for lodging, either transient or permanent; and is not generally open to the public - §12-58-113(2), C.R.S.. (2) The plumbing will be inspected prior to covering, i.e., insulation, drywall, etc., and again upon completion of the system prior to occupancy. (3) All plumbing work will be done in accordance with the International Plumbing Code as amended and adopted by the Examining Board of Plumbers.

Do you need to have a license to install gas piping?
No, not at this time. However, in the 26 counties where the state performs inspections, you are required to obtain a permit and have the gas piping inspected by a state inspector.



How can I request a code variance?
The Board is authorized to review and approve or disapprove requests for exceptions to the code in unique construction situations where a strict interpretation of the code would result in unreasonable operational conditions or unreasonable economic burdens as long as public safety is not compromised. You can request a variance to the code by completing the Variance Request Form and returning it to our office. Variance requests are considered during a regularly scheduled Board meeting.



Where can a homeowner find general instructions to help install their plumbing?
Basic guidelines are available to download from this website, as well as guidelines for mobile home installation.

Inspection Schedule Now Available On Line

In an effort to increase the performance of your online permit account, we have added the following enhancement. Once your inspection has been scheduled by the inspector, you can access that information from your online account. Normally, your inspection should appear on the schedule within three days of receipt of your request OR on the regularly-scheduled inspection day for your area. For more specific inspection scheduling information click here.

Due to unforeseen delays, your inspector might not be able to complete his/her entire itinerary on any given day


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