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Dialing Codes Used in Colorado

Dialing Codes Used in Colorado

Abbreviated Dialing

Pursuant to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) orders in CC Docket 92-105, the 211, 311, 511 and 711 (i.e., N11) codes have been assigned for 3-digit dialing access to various types of information of interest to the general public.


Dial N-1-1

Government Information and Referral Services
Public, health, and community services. 211 calls will be administered by a designated Information and Referral Center.

Non-Emergency Police/Fire and Government Services
Non-emergency (non-911 calls) police and fire. Local or municipal governments will administer 311 calls. 

Directory Services and Directory Assistance Call Completion

Traffic, Travel and Transportation Information Services
Road and traffic conditions. The state department of transportation or designated local departments of transportation will administer 511 calls. 

Telephone Relay Services for the Hearing Impaired
Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) for the speech and hearing impaired. The TRS provider for each state will administer 711 calls. All telecommunications carriers shall provide access via the 711 dialing code to relay services (TRS) as a toll free call.

Call Before You Dig Notification - Advanced Notice of Excavation Activities
The Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) is Colorado's only statewide messaging center and provides a communication link between excavators and underground facility owners before any excavation begins.

Emergency Services
The abbreviated 9-1-1 dialing code for emergency services

Commission N-1-1 Rules
Emergency 9-1-1 Services (for Emergency Telecommunications Service Providers and Basic Local Exchange Carriers), 4 CCR 723-2-2130 through 2159 - DOC word document
N-1-1 Abbreviated Dialing Codes, 4 CCR 723-2-2741. - DOC word document
These rules establish Colorado N-1-1 regulations so that the use of N-1-1 in Colorado is consistent with the FCC assignments by:  identifying the designated uses of N-1-1 codes; identifying the limitations of the N-1-1 code usage; and establishing Commission procedures regarding petitions for N-1-1 use or assignment.
Report to the Colorado State Patrol
*CSP (*277)
Report aggressive drivers to the Colorado State Patrol by dialing star (*) CSP (*277) from your cell phone, or by calling 303.239.4501.
*DUI (*384)
Report suspected intoxicated drivers to the Colorado State Patrol by dialing star (*) DUI (*384) from your cell phone, or by calling 303.239.4501.



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