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Related Relay-Type Services


The list below provides a brief description and telephone number of Relay Colorado services available to consumers.
Abbreviated Dialing - 711
711 is the national number to access relay services from anywhere in the United States. Dial 711 to be connected with a Relay Colorado operator.
TTY 1-800-659-2656
The TTY (text-telephone) number allows a person who is deaf, hard-of-hearing, or deaf-blind to use a TTY, and then type a conversation to a relay operator, who then reads the typed conversation to a hearing person. The operator relays the hearing person's spoken words by typing them back to the TTY user. Dialing 711 also accesses this service.
Voice 1-800-659-3656
The Voice number allows standard telephone users to initiate calls to Relay Colorado. When calling a deaf person using a TTY, the relay operator will type the hearing person's spoken words to the TTY user and then read back the typed reply to the hearing caller. Callers may also dial 711 for this service.
Voice Carry-Over (VCO) 1-877-659-8260
The Voice Carry-Over (VCO) number allows hard-of-hearing users to speak directly to hearing people. When a hearing person speaks, a relay agent serves as "ears" and types everything said to a TTY or VCO phone.
ASCII 1-800-659-4656
Computer users may access Relay Colorado directly through the ASCII number. Communications software must be set to the following protocols at speeds ranging from 300 to 2400 baud: 8 Bits No Parity 1 Stop Bit Full Duplex. It may be helpful to set the "time out" to 100 seconds. When calling at a rate of 300 baud or below, follow the above setting using a Half Duplex.
Spanish Relay 1-800-676-4290
TTY users may type in Spanish and the conversations will be relayed in Spanish to the called party. TTY users may also request Spanish to English or English to Spanish translations through the relay. To make a Spanish relay call, dial the Spanish Relay number above and instruct the relay operator how the call should be translated.
Speech-to-Speech (STS) 1-877-659-4279
Specially trained relay operators serve as the speech-disabled user's voice and repeat responses to the called party. The operators are trained to ensure that speech-disabled users are heard and understood. An STS user may repeat a message to ensure that it is relayed correctly.


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