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Links Disclaimer: The following links are provided as a courtesy to viewers. The website links that appear are solely for informational purposes only. The links are not maintained or endorsed by the PUC. The PUC does not warrant any of the website links that are provided concerning their accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published. The PUC also does not endorse any content, viewpoints, products, or services, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by the reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information.

Related Government Agency Web Sites: 

  • American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
  • Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
  • Colorado Operation Lifesaver (CO-OL)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  •  -- Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - (MUTCD)
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
  •  -- FRA Office of Safety
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Regional Transportation District (RTD)
  • Surface Transportation Board (STB)







Railroad Associations and Organizations:  


Transit Information Sources: 


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