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Webcasting of PUC Proceedings


The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) offers webcasting, also known as video and/or audio broadcast feeds, of its proceedings through the Internet. Webcasting is the real time or near real time transmission or streaming of audio and audiovisual works in digital format over the Internet. The PUC webcast transmission will have an approximate one-minute delay time in reaching viewers and listeners.

Note: You may find which hearing room to view from information on the PUC Calendar. Meeting /hearing room locations may be switched without notice. Please check webcasts in all hearing rooms.


Video and Audio

 PUC Hearing Room A      
 PUC Hearing Room B    
(Conference Room 1 is expansion annex to Hrg Rm C )

Audio Only

PUC Hearing Room A      
PUC Hearing Room B      

(Conference Room 1 is expansion annex to Hrg Rm C )


Presentations at Meetings

Presentations at Commissioners Meetings (primarily only Information Meetings), are provided prior to the meeting when available, to facilitate remote viewing for those parties monitoring the webcast.  Presentations are assocated with the particular Commissioners' Meeting Agenda in the PUC E-Filings System - click links below  to access all agendas for these years:


Agendas for Commissioners' Meetings

The Commissioners' Weekly Meeting Agenda is usually posted in the Commission's E-Filings System on the Friday before the meeting. Addendum items will be incorporated later within the Agenda ( an e-filing update will be made to Agenda ). To subscribe to email alerts of agenda postings and other notices, register in PUC E-Filings and subscribe to the notices of your choosing.

Unless otherwise noted on an agenda, the location of Commissioners' meetings is Hearing Room A, 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver.

The repository docket for all Agendas for 2014:


Webcast Reception

This service requires Windows Media Player Version 9.0 or higher or RealPlayer Universal Media Player installed on your computer. High-speed connection to the Internet (102K or faster) is required for the video stream and a connection speed of 20K or higher is required for the audio stream. If your connection speed is less than 102K, you will only receive the audio stream. Depending on how you connect to the Internet, the quality and noise on the connection lines may impair your transmission or result in the loss of signal.

Click About Webcasts to view suggestions that may help in accessing the video or audio stream.

Click Webcast Guidelines to view guidelines for webcasting.

You may be prompted to select a media player the first time you access a webcast.  Check with your network IT or Internet Service Provider if our webcast feeds seem to be blocked on your system.

Download sites for recommended media players:

Windows Media Player from Microsoft or

VLC Player or

RealPlayer Universal Media Player (recommended esp. for MAC users)



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