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Hazardous Materials Carriers

Hazardous Materials Carriers are subject to PUC registration and insurance requirements. Safety oversight is the jurisdiction of the Colorado State Patrol.

Colorado law requires that any person transporting hazardous materials that require placarding under Parts 172 or 173 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), must obtain a permit from the Public Utilities Commission prior to performing any transportation of these materials in, to, from, or through Colorado. Additionally, both Colorado and federal law require that no motor carrier shall operate a motor vehicle until the motor carrier has obtained and has in effect the minimum levels of financial responsibility as set forth in of 49 C.F.R., Part 387.

The hazardous material permit requirements do not apply to motor vehicles owned by the federal government, motor vehicles used to transport to or from the farm or ranch, products used for agricultural production, or farm machinery which is exempt from registration requirements by §42-3-103, Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.), unless such vehicles are used in the furtherance of any commercial business other than agriculture.

The hazardous material permit requirements do apply to motor vehicles owned by the state or any political subdivision thereof, except that such vehicles are exempt from the fee requirements.


Annual Hazardous Materials Permit and Annual Nuclear Materials Transportation Permit Application pdf file


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