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About Transportation

The Transportation Section of the PUC is responsible: for safety and insurance oversight of passenger carriers, household goods movers, and towing carriers that operate on a for-hire basis in Colorado; for permitting of hazardous and nuclear materials carriers; and for rate regulation of common and contract carriers. The section is composed of two units:


Rates and Authorities

This unit administers the programs and processes associated with fully-regulated carrier service. This includes taxi, shuttle, scheduled, charter, and sightseeing services. The unit processes applications for new services and advises the Commission on issues of territory, routes, rates, and schedules. The unit also administers the Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCR).


Investigations and Compliance

This unit enforces the statutes and rules that govern motor carriers, focusing on safety, regulatory oversight, and compliance. Investigators conduct vehicle safety inspections and compliance reviews of safety-related records for regulated carriers, and investigate alleged illegal operations. This unit works with industry groups to educate carriers of the requirements of being a regulated carrier.


Both units work very closely with the administrative team, which oversees all insurance filings for motor carriers; issues permits to household goods movers, towing carriers, hazardous and nuclear materials carriers, and limited regulation carriers including luxury limousines, charter buses, fire crew transport, and off-road scenic charters. 


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