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PUC Staff Energy Reports


Report to the Legistature of Energy Rate Cases

2015 Legislative Brief - PUC Rate Cases pdf file   

2014 Legislative Brief - PUC Rate Cases pdf file  


Report of Coal Mine Methane To Electricty in Colorado

Report of the Task Force on Statewide Transmission Siting and Permitting 

submitted to the Governor and Colorado General Assembly pursuant to Senate Bill 11-045

Senate Bill 11-45 indicates that because electric transmission facilities often traverse multiple jurisdictions, compliance with multiple requirements creates the potential for siting and permitting delays or inconsistent decisions. Further, that it is in the state's interest to consider opportunities to improve existing siting and permitting processes applicable to electric transmission facilities, including the possible establishment of a single, statewide siting and permitting process for such facilities.

Senate Bill 2011-45 created the task force on statewide transmission siting and permitting. The task force shall make recommendations to the governor and the general assembly regarding Colorado's existing statutory and regulatory framework applicable to the siting and permitting of electric transmission facilities as well as opportunities to improve that framework.  

PUC Staff Reports on Demand-Side Management (DSM)

Submitted to the Colorado General Assembly pursuant to HB 07-1037 (40-3.2-105, C.R.S.)

House Bill 07-1037 directs Colorado’s investor-owned electric and gas utilities to pursue energy efficiency (“demand-side management” or DSM). These annual reports describe actions and accomplishments resulting from HB 07-1037. This report presents the progress made by the Public Utilities Commission and the energy utilities regulated by the Commission to fully implement DSM programs.

HB07-1037 April 30, 2015 DSM Report pdf file  

HB07-1037 April 30, 2014 DSM Report pdf file  

HB07-1037 April 30, 2013 DSM Report pdf file  

HB07-1037 April 28, 2011 DSM Report pdf file

HB07-1037 April 28, 2010 DSM Report pdf file

HB07-1037 April 28, 2009 DSM Report pdf file

The Commission’s Gas DSM Rules went into effect on May 30, 2008
- see rules adopted in Decision No. C08-0248 in Proceeding No. 07R-371G.


Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Compliance Multiplier for Community-Based Projects

December 31, 2011 Report to the Members of the Senate Local Government and Energy Committee; and Members of the House Transportation Committee, in accordance with §40-2-124(1)(c)(IX), C.R.S. established in House Bill 10-1418



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