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Electric Energy Providers


Regulated Energy /Water Utility Providers & Contacts 

Search for specific text in the files using Ctrl-f. 

Open the workbook and binder below to access lists and maps of Jurisdictional Energy /Water Service Providers and their Designated Agent Contacts.  

Workbook of Providers and Designated Agent(s)

Energy /Water Providers' Designated Agent Contacts workbook excel spreadsheet

Energy /Water Providers' Designated Agent Contacts workbook pdf file  

Energy /Water Providers & Designated Agent Contacts binder pdf file
(Adobe binders display documents as merged.)


Binder Includes:



Complaint Procedure

If you have a complaint against one of these companies, try to resolve it first with the company. If you have a question or inquiry about service, please contact the person listed for the company.

 If you are unable to resolve the problem with the utility and you need further assistance, please contact the External Affairs office of the Public Utilities Commission at 303-894-2070 or 800-456-0858 if you reside outside of the Denver metro area but within the State of Colorado.





Municipality & Service Provider Franchises - Energy

Workbook contains details of franchise Agreements filed at the Commission
- Municipality, Utility Service Provider for Gas and Electric Service Territory - includes expiration dates and associated PUC Decisions /Proceedings (Dockets)

Municipal Energy Service Provider / Franchise Log Workbook excel spreadsheet

Municipal Energy Service Provider / Franchise Log pdf file

 Municipal Utilities - Jurisdiction applicable within the authorized electric and natural gas service areas for each municipal utility which lie outside the jurisdictional limits of such municipality [C.R.S. 40-3.5-101], rates [C.R.S. 40-3.5-106], and provisions for annual reports, computation and payment of fees [C.R.S. 40-3.5-107].

 Non-Rate Regulated Rural Electric Associations - Jurisdictional with respect to complaints filed concerning territorial rights, construction, discriminatory rate settings [C.R.S. 40-9.5-107(3), (4) and C.R.S. 40-9.5-106(3), respectively], and reporting requirements [40-9.5-107(5)].  



 Energy Utilities Map 

The Commission does not currently maintain a map of the electric companies.

What may be helpful is the map available from the Colorado Rural Electric Association.
The “white” area on the map, going from Canon City to Rocky Ford is served by Black Hills/Colorado Electric Company LP. The remaining “white” area is served by Public Service Company of Colorado. The only exceptions to this are the municipalities which you can find listed on the Colorado Association of Municipal Utilties website.

CO-OP Map of Colorado on Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA) website

Municipal Electric Systems in Colorado on Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities (CAMU) website



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