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Electric Utility Service


Promoting Transmission Investment Through Pricing Reform

Docket No. RM11-26-000 -

Letter to the Federal Energy Commission, signed in joiner with state commissions, agencies, and attorneys general, consumer-owned utilities, and national and regional environmental, consumer, and energy policy non-governmental organizations.

"The diversity of our perspectives notwithstanding, we have reached similar conclusions regarding many of the significant issues raised in the [Notice of Inquiry]. We . . . urge the Commission to consider this broad agreement in assessing current transmission incentive policies." 


Interest Rate on Consumer Deposits 

Jurisdictional utilities are reminded that it might be necessary to file an advice letter and amend their tariffs to reflect the change in the rate of interest to be paid on its customer’s deposits. Filings to implement this tariff change are expected to be filed on or before the last working day of December of the current year with an effective date of January 1 of the coming year. 



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