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Customer Deposit Interest Rates


PUC Approved Interest Rate on Customer Deposits

Many public utilities offering telephone, energy and water services to residential and commercial customers in the State of Colorado have provisions in their tariffs that allow the utility to require customers to maintain a deposit with the utility to ensure payment of services. If the utility requires such deposits, it is required to pay simple interest on those customer deposits as prescribed by Commission rules.

See Telecommunications rule: 723-2-2302, Electric rule 723-3-3403 . Gas rule 723-4-4403 and Water rule 723-5-5403.
Year 2014 Interest Rate on Customer Deposits

For calendar year 2013, the rate was 0.34%.

For calendar year 2014, the rate will remain at 0.34%.
(The basis point differential is less than 25 points.)


See notice regarding 2014 customer deposit interest rate - PDF pdf file

Jurisdictional utilities are reminded that it might be necessary to file a compliance advice letter to amend their tariffs. If it is necessary to file a tariff change the Commission expects the filing on or before December 27,2013 with an effective date of January 1, 2014. Filing this compliance letter during the month of November would be greatly appreciated.
Failure to file the required compliance on or before December 27, 2013 will be viewed as an intentional violation of Commission fining rules 2895, 3976, 4976 or 5420 and the company could be subject to up to a $500.00 fine.
For additional information and to facilitate any tariff changes, the Commission issued the corresponding Decisions

Please submit your advice letter as a NEW Advice Letter filing. 

DO NOT file your advice letter in the proceeding associated with the following listed decisions; but reference to the respective Decision is required on the tariff pages accompanying your advice letter.

please reference
decision and proceeding numbers =>
click to link => to proceedings

Electric Utilities

Decision C13-1336-E

Proceeding No. 13M-1120E

Gas Utilities

Decision C13-1335-E

Proceeding No. 13M-1119G

Water Utilities

 Decision C13-1333-E

Proceeding No. 13M-1117W

Telecommunications Providers

 Decision C13-1334-E

Proceeding No. 13M-1118T

  • Please reference the respective Commission Decision Number on the tariffs accompanying your advice letter. The advice letter filing is a compliance filing.
Staff contact

If you have any questions regarding the applicability of the interest rate on deposits, the manner in which the rate is calculated, or any other issues relating to this letter, please contact Sandi Kahl at 303-894-2873 or sandi.kahl@state.co.us



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