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The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Online Transportation Complaint Form
Online Utillity Complaint Form
Online Comment Form


  • For assistance with telephone, energy and water matters, or transportation issues please call the PUC Consumer Line at 303-894-2070 or 1-800-456-0858, if calling outside the Denver metro area, but within Colorado.

  • Send Comments or Complaints by email to dora_puc_complaints@state.co.us


Additional information is provided below to help better understand the process to file a comment or a complaint.

Annually, the PUC responds to and successfully resolves thousands of consumer concerns and complaints. Common problems consumers may experience vary based on the regulated service. Energy and telephone complaints typically involve billing errors, disconnections, repairs, missing payments or unauthorized charges. Transportation company complaints may include concerns about rates, safety, insurance, or delivery of property.

Natural gas, electric, telephone, water and steam consumers are asked to first attempt to resolve problems directly with their utility. The utility will usually try to resolve the problem. However, if after doing this, the problem is not resolved, the PUC will assist consumers. Please click the appropriate button to the left to access the On-Line Complaint form for the appropriate type of utility. Staff will review submitted On-Line Complaint filings and will contact complainants.

Consumers are invited to click the Register Consumer Comments button to share their opinions, comments and concerns. In the past, consumers have provided their thoughts about rate change proposals or modifications to existing rules.  


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