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About The Colorado PUC

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has full economic and quality of service regulatory authority over intrastate telecommunication services; and investor-owned electric, gas and water utilities, as well as partial regulatory control over municipal utilities and electric associations.

The PUC's regulatory responsibilities encompass a wide range of utilities. The PUC has jurisdiction over gas pipeline inspection units, including investor-owned distribution operators; municipal distribution operators; master meter distribution operators; investor-owned transmission operators; some municipal transmission operators; LP operators; and direct sales purchasers.

The PUC also regulates utilities that move, such as railroad and motor carrier utilities that are for hire. Under its jurisdiction are common and contract motor carriers; transportation operating authorities; carriers providing intrastate transportation services; and carriers providing interstate transportation services. Finally, the PUC has jurisdiction over railroad corporations and public railroad-highway grade crossings.

Further information on the regulation of specific utilities is available on this website from the home page, by clicking the appropriate regulated industry button.


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