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Household Goods Carriers (Movers)

Title 40, Article 10.1, C.R.S. governs the Commission's role in the regulation of Household Goods Movers.

The PUC's role in the regulation of Household Goods Movers is summarized as follows:

1. Promulgate rules. Section 40-2-108. C.R.S. Rules governing the transportation of household goods by Household Good Movers are found in the 6600 series of the Commission's rules.

2. Issue permits to operate. Section 40-10.1-502, C.R.S.

3. Take enforcement actions. Section 40-10.1-112, C.R.S. Upon notice to the carrier and proof of violation, the Commission may take action against a Household Goods Mover for the following reasons:

  • Violation of the Article (10.1 of Title 40)
  • Violation of the terms or conditions of the permit
  • Exceeding the authority granted by the permit
  • Violation of or refusal to observe a proper order of, or rule of the Commission.
  • Failure or refusal to abide by the terms of an arbitrator's award under 40-10.1-507, or failure to satisfy the requirements for a new or renewed permit under section 40-10.1-502.

4. Establish annual filing fees. Section 40-10.1-111(1)(d). Annually, the Commission administratively sets the annual filing fee for a permit to operate under part 5 of Article 10.1(Movers); By law the fee may not exceed three hundred twenty-five dollars.

5. Establish annual motor vehicle fees. Section 40-10.1-111(1)(f). Household Goods Movers are exempt from and not subject to the annual vehicle stamp fee. Section 40-10.1-111(2).  


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