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Enforcement Actions: Producers

Please note:  This page currently contains enforcement actions for 2004 to current.  This page is constantly updated and additional historical enforcement actions are being added.  If you are looking for enforcement actions not listed here please send your written request to: dora_ins_rulesandrecords@state.co.us

For enforcement actions taken on insurance companies as a result of an examination go to the Financial Examinations and/or Market Conduct Examinations web pages.  Click on the words Financial Examinations or Market Conduct Examinations to go to that web page.

The different types of documents you will find are: Cease & Desist Orders (C&D), Stipulated Agreement and Final Agency Orders (Stip), Final Agency Orders (Final Agency Order), Denials, and Withdrawals.

Below is the alphabet to the enforcement actions taken by the Division of Insurance against insurance producers, insurance agencies and some insurance entities which were not a part of an examination of the entity.  Click on the group of letters of the alphabet for which the entity's name begins or the last name of the producer.

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