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Community Association Manager (CAM) Program

Marcia Waters - Division Director

 Consumer Protection is our Mission

CAM Licensing Introduction

House Bill 13-1277 requires licensing for anyone who engages in certain defined activities of a “Community Association Manager” relating to the management of a common interest community (CIC). This bill will be effective on January 1, 2015 and individuals needing to be licensed must do so by July 1, 2015. The Division of Real Estate has started developing the regulatory framework for community association manager licensure and will continue to provide notification of the development of the program through Division email blasts, quarterly newsletters, and on the Division’s website.


Division staff has drafted and released proposed regulatory rules for this program and is currently reviewing industry and public feedback. The official rulemaking process cannot begin until the bill is effective (January 1, 2015); therefore, the Division will plan on holding an emergency rulemaking session at the beginning of the year. Additionally, the Division has formed an education task force consisting of industry stakeholders, educators and homeowners to develop an alternative credential to be used as one method of meeting the requisite educational requirements. The alternative credential should be available beginning in October 2014 from approved providers. The Division has also developed a timeline with the state contracted testing provider, who will be offering the required state exams for all applicants requiring licensing under this new program. The community association license examination is made up of two parts; a general portion testing on core competencies and a state portion testing on Colorado specific laws. The state test should be developed and ready for applicants to sit for exams in late January 2015.

Education and Examination Requirements

Applicants pursuing a community association manager license must hold one of the following credentials: CMCA, AMS, PCAM, or the Division of Real Estate alternative credential and pass the state exam. The state exam is comprised of two parts; a general portion and a state specific portion designed to determine the competency of the applicant with regards to legal documents, Colorado statutes, and other core competencies.


The development stages of this new regulatory program have generated many questions from industry stakeholders. While some questions can be easily answered now; other questions are more difficult to answer because the proposed regulations have not been finalized. As such, the Division of Real Estate has compiled a list of commonly asked questions which can be reasonably answered at this time and are not heavily dependent on the final rules. As this regulatory program continues to take shape, the Division will add additional FAQs to the website and disseminate information to interested parties.



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