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Background Check General Information

All candidates wishing to apply for a Colorado real estate broker’s license, appraiser’s license, appraisal management company license or a mortgage loan originator’s license or community association managers licensee must submit to a criminal history background check. Prior to submitting an application, each applicant must submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the purpose of conducting a Colorado and national fingerprint-based criminal history background check utilizing records of CBI and the FBI.


The applicant will pay a fee, established by CBI, for conducting the fingerprint-based background check. The fee will be paid to CBI. Upon completion of the background check, CBI will forward the results to the Division of Real Estate.

Contact CBI to verify cost.

  • CBI does not accept personal checks. Payment can be made (payable to CBI) by money order, cash, Visa, MasterCard and cashier’s check. Company checks are also accepted.
  • Most providers of fingerprinting services will charge a fee in addition to the fee payable to CBI.
  • If you have questions or problems contact CBI here.

CBI only conducts background checks; they do not perform the actual fingerprinting. You must utilize one of the following methods for getting fingerprinted and communicating information to CBI.

Option1 (Electronic Transfer)

Utilize an electronic transfer of fingerprints and identification information directly to CBI. The providers listed below will collect the CBI fee and transmit the fingerprint data and identification information to CBI. This process does not utilize a paper fingerprint card. However, when you are asked by the person taking your fingerprints, you will need to know the identification information described below in the Additional Information section.


  • Arapahoe Community College, 5900 South Santa Fe Drive, 2nd Floor, Room M-2600, Littleton, CO. Phone: 303-797-5800. Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00am –4:00pm. All forms of payment are accepted. (suggested method)
  • PSI (Psychological Services Incorporated)

Option 2 (Fingerprint Card with Electronic Transfer)

Use the fingerprint card # FD-258 and utilize an electronic transfer of fingerprints onto the card. See Additional Information below for availability of card #FD-258. Leave the identification information area of the fingerprint card blank until the person taking your fingerprints asks you to furnish the information. You must complete all fields on the fingerprint card. Afterward, you will need to either mail or deliver the completed fingerprint card to CBI along with the fee. See CBI contact information above.

The following County Sheriff Departments will electronically transfer fingerprints onto the fingerprint card. You will need to contact them for hours of operation and payment information:

Douglas Boulder Eagle Elbert
Grand Gunnison Hinsdale Larimer
Logan Moffat Ouray Pueblo
Rio Grande Saguache Summit Weld

Option 3 (Rolled Ink Transfer)

Most police departments will utilize the rolled ink transfer of fingerprints onto card #FD-258. Call for hours of operations and cost. See Additional Information below for availability of card #FD-258. Leave the identification information area of the fingerprint card blank until the person taking your fingerprints asks you to furnish the information. Afterward, you will need to either mail or deliver the completed card to CBI along with the fee. Click here for CBI contact information.

The ink method can have the highest rate of failure due to lower quality of print characteristics. If you choose this method it is recommended that it be performed by a law enforcement agency trained in the process.


If you utilize option 2 or 3 be sure all of the information asked for in the spaces on the top portion of the fingerprint card are completely filled out, or the fingerprint card will be rejected.

You will need to also fill in the following spaces on the fingerprint card with the following information:

(Pick one)
Your No. OCA ORI
Colorado Division of Real Estate
1560 Broadway, Ste.925
Denver, CO 80202
Real Estate Broker 12-61-103 C.R.S.
Real Estate Appraiser:
12-61-706 C.R.S.
Denver, CO
  Mortgage Loan
12-61-903 C.R.S.
Appraisal Management Company


The above methods produce varying degrees of quality of fingerprint characteristics and length of time involved in the background check. Information available at this time indicates that the electronic method of fingerprinting and transmittal with Arapahoe Community College has the highest degree of quality of fingerprint characteristics and transmittal.

Applicants whose fingerprints are not readable due to low quality of fingerprint characteristics will be required to resubmit to CBI (for an additional fee) fingerprints that are readable.

Be sure to sign the fingerprint card, and have the person performing the fingerprinting sign the fingerprint card in the space titled: SIGNATURE OF OFFICIAL TAKING FINGERPRINTS. 

Blank Card Number FD-258 (REV. 5-11-99) is available at some real estate schools and at State Forms Center: 4200 Garfield Street, Denver CO 80216. Phone 303-370-2165. Hours of operation: M – F, 8:00 am –4:00 pm. Cost: $.25 cents.


As an applicant for a license requiring the submission of fingerprints to CBI and FBI, your fingerprints will be submitted to these agencies to check both Colorado and federal arrest records.

Discrepancies on your Colorado arrest record can be challenged and corrected by contacting CBI or by calling the Identification Unit at (303) 239-4208. Additional information is available on CBI’s website.

Discrepancies with records from the FBI or relating to another state may be challenged through the FBI. Information, including the information listed below, can be found on the FBI website at www.fbi.gov. The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division processes these requests. Only you can request a copy of your own identification record. The FBI offers two methods for requesting your FBI identification record or proof that a record does not exist.

Option 1

Submit your request directly to the FBI.

Option 2

Submit your request to an FBI-approved Channeler (a private business that has contracted with the FBI to receive the fingerprint submission and relevant data). The Channeler will collect the associated fee(s), electronically forward the fingerprint submission with the necessary information to the FBI CJIS Division for a national criminal history background check and receive the electronic background check result for dissemination to the individual. Contact each Channeler for processing times.


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