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Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course

The Division of Real Estate (Division) established the Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course to ensure appraisers had a sufficient amount of training and expertise to accurately prepare an appraisal for a conservation easement generating a tax credit.


An appraiser who prepares and signs an appraisal for a conservation easement generating a tax credit must complete the Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course once every other year. The Division will not issue a tax credit certificate unless the appraiser is compliant with the course requirement at the appraisal was completed. Below is a current list of certified general appraisers who are in compliance with the course requirement.  Please note that completion of the course does not certify the competency of the appraiser to perform conservation easement appraisals. Completion of the course should not be construed by any party to be an endorsement of any appraiser or their work product by the Division of Real Estate, the Board of Real Estate Appraisers, the Conservation Easement Oversight Commission, the Curriculum Task Force or course providers.

Appraiser Name
Wayne Beevers
Gregory Berry
James Bittel
William Bootz
Nelson Bowes
Merran Bremner
Arnie Butler
Kevin Chandler
Claud Clark
James P. Clark
Charles A. Cramer
Christopher Donaldson
Felice Entratter
Thomas Fellows
Patricia Flood
W. West Foster
Joseph Franklin
Greg Gerken
Steven C. Groh
Timothy J. Hansen
Geoff Hauer
Charlie Hegarty
Frank Heuett
Wayne Hunsperger
Bill James
Randall Johnson
Curt Johnston
Jonathan Lengel
Maggie Love
Robert Maddox
Derek Maunsell
Eric McCarty
Harold McCloud
J. Viriginia Messick
Carolyn  Mueller
Kevin McCarty
Nathan Medvidofsky
Michael Nash
John Norton
Lee Ormistan
William D. Park
David E. Petterson
Beverly Phillips
Greg Powell
Dan Redburn
David Ritter
Richard Roddewig
Bonnie Roerig
Vic Romano
Pam Sant
Peter Sartucci
Kevin David Shea
Barry Sullivan
Gary A Trudgeon
Ron Throupe
Jon Vaughan
Tim Walters
Mark Weston
Ann R. Wilkinson
H.E. Wilkinson
Amy Williams
What Conservation Easement Appraiser update Course
When TBA
Where TBA
To Register, Please Contact TBA

The Division established and developed the Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course with the intent of allowing approved providers to teach the course.

Each course offering must be approved by the Board of Real Estate Appraiser (Board) for at least 2 hours of continuing education to satisfy Board Rule 16.4. A detailed outline must be included with the continuing education course application. Instructors/providers are responsible for submitting the application to the Division for approval.




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