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Real Estate Broker Applications


Colorado Real Estate Broker's Application
Use this primary application to apply for a new Colorado Real Estate Broker License.

Addendum to the Colorado Real Estate Broker's License Application*
This addendum is used to provide information about a criminal history. Please see note below for important information on processing times.

Renew a license
Online renewal is available 45 days prior to the first day of expiration. Licensees have a 31 day grace period from the expiration date of their license to complete the renewal process.

You must have Internet Explorer version 8 or older for the online renewal submission to work. If you have Internet Explorer version 9 or higher, please use a different web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Preliminary Advisory Opinion Application*
Regarding the potential effect that previous conduct, criminal convictions or violations of the real estate license law may have on a formal application for licensure. Please see note below for important information on processing times.

Inactivate License Application
Use this form to change the status of an active license to inactive

Reinstate Expired License Application
Use this form to reinstate an expired license. Please note: licenses can only be reinstated within 3 years of expiration, otherwise you will need to submit a new application for licensure.

Transfer to New Firm / Activate Inactive License
This form is used to make an inactive broker license active or to transfer a broker license from one brokerage firm to another.

Individual Proprietor Application
Apply as an Individual Proprietorship/Change Individual Proprietor license Includes activating an inactive license as an individual proprietor, adding or changing an individual trade name or updating the address of an individual proprietor's license.

New Corporation, Partnership or LLC Application
This form is to be used only for a corporation, partnership or limited liability company that does not currently have a real estate license. If applying as the new responsible broker for an existing company, please use the “Change in Corporation, Partnership or LLC” license application.

Change in Corporation, Partnership or LLC
Make a change to a Corporation, Partnership or LLC Includes changing responsible broker, activating an inactive license as a responsible broker, updating entity address information or adding/changing an entity name/trade name.

Change of Broker Level of Authority
Change broker level of authority (i.e. upgrade license level)

Change Personal Name
Change personal name (legal name change, i.e. marriage, divorce)

Change Personal Information
Change email address, home address or phone number (only use if not making any change in employment)

License History Request Form
Use this form to request a certified history of a license.

Application for License As Temporary Corporation, Partnership or LLC
File Temporary Entity Application (pursuant to 12-61-103(7)(c) C.R.S. and commission rule A-26)

* Please Note: If you are completing the Application Addendum or the Preliminary Advisory Opinion application, there may be a considerable delay in your application processing times. An application will not be considered complete until it has been reviewed by internal investigations staff and/or the Colorado Real Estate Commission. This process can be lengthy, so please be patient while we review your submission.

Applications can take up to 10 business days from the time of receipt for the Division to process. New broker applications are dependent upon receipt of fingerprint background information and may take significantly longer. Allow ten (10) business days and check online for application status prior to contacting the Division.

Click here to check application status online.

Fee Schedule Notice

  • Fees are subject to change at any time and are not refundable.
  • Please confirm the proper fee amount on our fees page prior to application submission.
  • Applications submitted without the proper fee will be returned to applicant for correction.
  • Submit payment via check or money order.
  • Cash and/or credit cards are not accepted for paper applications.
  • Credit cards are only accepted via the online renewal process.


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