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File a Complaint

We accept complaints against: Appraisers, Conservation Easement Holders, Homeowners Associations, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Companies that have a Colorado registration. All complaints are reviewed in the order they are received, and processing times may vary due to the volume of complaints received.

Please keep in mind that the Division’s jurisdiction extends only to matters where violations of licensing laws and/or rules have occurred. The Division has no jurisdiction with regard to any civil action claims that you may have against the respondent. Please seek legal counsel for advice on any civil matters.

When a complaint is received by the Division of Real Estate it is assigned to one of our investigative staff to review for violations of Real Estate license law. When our initial review of your complaint is complete, you will be advised, in writing, as to the disposition of your complaint. In order for us to better assess your complaint please refer to the following:

  • Please read all directions carefully before filing your complaint;
  • Please provide all information requested while filling out your complaint to the best of your knowledge;
  • If you are submitting additional documentation with your complaint, send us copies of your documents. Do not send original documents as you will not get them back.
  • Please note: Staff makes no assumption as to the validity of complaints received.

Important Notice Regarding Online Complaint Processing

You must have Internet Explorer version 9 or older for the online complaint portal to work. If you have Internet Explorer version 10, or any other browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc…), do not use the portal and please use the Downloadable PDF Complaint Form below instead. We apologize for any inconvenience.

File an online complaint regarding:


Download a paper complaint form:


To file a complaint against an Appraisal Mortgage Company (AMC) use the complaint form below.

Downloadable Complaint Form (When selecting license type select other)


Complaints must be submitted via the HOA Complaint Form. Please limit complaints to two pages and provide only relevant attachments and information.

Click here to file a complaint against an HOA.


This office is tasked with collecting and analyzing information on HOA issues and your input through the complaint process is valuable to our office in accomplishing this goal. The HOA Information Office and the Division of Real Estate do not have any investigative or enforcement capabilities to address your complaint.

The HOA Information Office cannot provide legal advice, nor can we mediate or intervene in disputes. The HOA Information and Resource Center will track your complaint, and will report to the Director of the Division of Real Estate regarding the number and types of inquiries and complaints received. If you have a complaint which requires immediate assistance, please contact Gary Kujawski, the HOA Information Officer at (303) 894¿2355. Please be advised that any information you provide in your complaint may not be considered confidential pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).

The office may attempt to contact you if further information or clarification is needed regarding your complaint.



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