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Real Estate Brokers Homepage

Colorado Real Estate Commission

Chair - Amy Dorsey
Vice Chair - Julia Waggener

Consumer Protection is our Mission

The Division of Real Estate (Division) has a five-member Commission who meet bi-monthly to conduct rulemaking hearings, make policy decisions, consider licensing matters, review complaints and take disciplinary action against real estate brokers. The five Commission members consist of three real estate brokers, one expert in the area of subdivisions and one member of the public. The Commission members serve a three-year term.

Commission Information


Licensing Information  

Real estate broker licenses and renewals are issued for a three-year cycle expiring on the anniversary date of issuance. Licenses are issued to associate brokers, individuals proprietorships, corporations, partnerships and LLCs.

Education and Examination Requirements

Real Estate broker applicants are required to complete 168 hours of pre-licensing education and complete the two part exam before receiving a state license. In addition, during each three year license cycle all active licensees must complete twenty four hours of continuing education.

Investigations & Settlement

When the Division receives a complaint regarding a mortgage loan originator or mortgage loan originator activity, if warranted, an investigation will be opened and assigned to an Investigator to review the complaint. If the Board determines there was a violation and issues disciplinary action, Division staff will attempt to resolve the matter through the internal Expedited Settlement Program (ESP).

Real Estate Manual (Statutes, Rules & Position Statements)

The real estate manual contains all statutes, rules and position statements. The annual Real Estate Manual is a useful resource for any licensee.

Proposed and Revised Rules & Position Statements

Visit the Proposed and Revised Rules & Position Statements page to view proposed rules and get information on upcoming rulemaking hearing or download new rules and position statements that were recently adopted.

Industry Forms & Contracts

All Colorado real estate brokers must use Commission approved forms for real estate transactions.



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