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AMC Applications

Applications can take up to 10 business days from the time of receipt for the Division to process.  Allow ten (10) business days and check online for application status prior to contacting the Division.

Click here to check application status online.

Fee Schedule Notice

  • Fees are subject to change at any time and are not refundable.
  • Please confirm the proper fee amount on our fees page prior to application submission.
  • Applications submitted without the proper fee will be returned to applicant for correction.
  • Submit payment via check or money order.
  • Cash and/or credit cards are not accepted for paper applications.
  • Credit cards are only accepted via the online renewal process.

AMC License Application
This application is used to apply for a new AMC license.

AMC Controlling Appraiser/Owner Addendum Application
The Controlling Appraiser and each individual that owns more than 10% of the appraisal management company must establish that he or she is truthful and honest and has good moral character and must submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. If a Controlling Appraiser or any individual that owns more than 10% of the company has been convicted of, entered a plea of guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contendere to a misdemeanor or a felony, or any other like municipal code violation then this application must include this information in the AMC addendum to the application and include supporting documentation as described in the addendum.

AMC Renewal Application
This application is used to renew an active or inactive license between November 1st and December 31st. There is a 31 day grace period for renewal, so all renewals must be received by the Division by January 31st.

AMC Reinstate Application
If the renewal grace period has passed then the AMC license is expired. The AMC must reinstate the license using the AMC Reinstate Application. After two years from the AMC license expiration the AMC may not reinstate and must reapply for a license.

AMC Preliminary Advisory Opinion
Prior to an application for licensure an AMC may request the Board issue a preliminary advisory opinion regarding the possible effect of a conviction, guilty plea, nolo contendere plea or any like municipal code violation of its Controlling Appraiser or an individual that owns more than 10% of the company appraisal management company. The Board may issue an opinion which may not be binding and does not limit the Board to investigate a later application for licensure.

AMC Change in Controlling Appraiser or Owner Form
Use this form to change the controlling appraiser for your AMC license. This form is also used to update ownership information for owners who own 10% or more of the appraisal management company.

AMC Change of License Information Form
An AMC may change its status from active to inactive and vice versa.

AMC License History Request Form
Anyone may request a license history for an appraisal management company licensed in the state of Colorado. There is a $15 dollar fee for this request.



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