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Investigations, Audits & Settlement

Investigative Process

Most of the Division’s programs contain an investigative component to ensure licensees comply with the license law. Per statute, the Division investigates all complaints within our jurisdiction.

Audit Process (Real Estate Broker Only)

The Division has financial examiners on staff that conduct financial and practice audit of real estate brokers. Note: these audits are different than the continuing education audits. A brokerage firm can be selected for an audit in different ways. These real estate broker audits can either focus on finance or general practice. In general, these audits are separate from the investigations.

Expedited Settlement Program

The Division of Real Estate has an Expedited Settlement Program (ESP) that is designed to settle disciplinary matters quickly and in a more resourceful manner. As an alternative to an administrative hearing, ESP staff will work with a licensee facing discipline and attempt to settle the matter in a manner that is agreeable to both parties; saving time and financial resources for both sides.

Top Disciplinary Trends

The Division of Real Estate tracks recurring license law violations and makes this information public so that the Colorado real estate industry and consumers can be aware the recent trends we are seeing that result in consumer harm and end up in disciplinary action.

Search for Public Disciplinary Actions

Search for disciplinary actions for the current and previous years.



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