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Steps for Conservation Easement Holder Certification Renewal

Follow the instructions below for the certification renewal process. Do not hesitate to contact the Division of Real Estate (Division) if you have questions.

Step 1

Submit the Certification Renewal Application, the Conservation Easement Project List, and the nonrefundable fee.
2015 Certification Renewal Project List excel spreadsheet

Nationally accredited organizations only need to complete Parts I, II, VII and VIII.  Do not complete Parts III-VI of the Certification Renewal Application.

Step 2

The Division will notify the applicant of any missing information and/or documentation. The Division may request additional information and/or documentation.

Step 3

Submit any missing/requested information and/or documentation to the Division.

Step 4

Once the entire application has been reviewed, the Divisionwill make a determination whether to renew the certification.

Compliance Review Notice

Please note that the Division started conducting compliance reviews of certified conservation easement holders as part of their 2015 certification renewal process.



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