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Conservation Easement Holder Certification Information

Non-profit land trusts and governmental entities (also called conservation easement holders) must be certified by the Division of Real Estate (the Division) before the organization accepts a conservation easement for which a state tax credit may be claimed.

The purpose of the certification program is to establish minimum qualifications for holders that accept conservation easements generating a tax credit. To be certified, holders must meet minimum qualifications in five comprehensive categories:

  1. organization;
  2. conservation easement selection, review and approval;
  3. stewardship practices and capacity;
  4. finance; and
  5. governance. Holders must renew their certification annually if they plan to accept a conservation easement for which a state tax credit may be claimed.

Once certified, the land trust or government entity may hold easements that generate conservation easement tax credits. Certification is not required to hold a conservation easement that does not result in a tax credit. Certified conservation easement holders are required to renew their certification each year and are subject to a compliance review every three years. This ensures that certified holders continue to meet the minimum requirements necessary to accept and steward conservation easements that are supported by the people of Colorado through the state income tax credit.

Learn below how to:

  • Become a certified conservation easement holder in Colorado,
  • Renew your certification,
  • Download the certification application forms,
  • Find the non-refundable fee schedules; and
  • findan up-to-date listing of conservation easement holders that have applied for certification along with their current status.

Steps for Initial Certification

Initial certification has numerous requirements that may be confusing and overwhelming for a first-time applicant. The Division has provided a simple overview of the initial certification process in seven steps.

Steps for Certification Renewal

Don’t forget that holders may not accept a conservation easement for which a state tax credit is claimed if their certification has expired with the Division. Follow these four steps to renew your certification.

Application Materials

Application forms and project list templates associated with initial certification and renewal are available to download.

Fee Schedule

The 2015 certification renewal fee for conservation easement holders has been set. The prescribed fee is set annually and is subject to change each year.

Conservation Easement Holder Certification Status

Search for certified conservation easement holders.



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