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Community Association Manager Licensing Proposed Rules

In preparation for the rule-making process, the Division released draft rules earlier this year and requested feedback from industry stakeholders to include; trade associations, community association managers, property managers, licensed real estate brokers, consumers and attorneys. The Division received a great deal of feedback from interested parties during the comment period. This feedback was very insightful and useful for Division staff in identifying several issues, concerns and misconceptions about the initial draft rules. Over the past several months, Division staff members have discussed the comments, researched troubled areas, and modified the rules when applicable.  The revised rules will be the basis for the upcoming rule-making hearing. As with the initial draft rules, there are 8 categories of rules.

Notice of Permanent Rule Adoption
(Permanent Rule-making Hearing March 4, 2015)

  • A Rules – License Qualifications, Applications & Examinations
  • B Rules – Continuing Education
  • C Rules – Licensing – Office
  • D Rules – Renewal, Transfer, Inactive License, Reinstatement, and Insurance
  • E Rules – Separate Accounts – Records – Accountings
  • F Rules – Professional Standards – Investigations
  • G Rules – Declaratory Orders
  • H Rules – Exceptions and Director Review of Initial Decision

Notice of Emergency Rule Adoption
(Effective January 6 through May 6)

On January 2, 2015 the Director of the Division of Real Estate (Division) held an emergency rule-making hearing to take public testimony with regard to the community association manager emergency rules pertaining to the education, testing, licensing and insurance requirements needed for licensure. As a result of the hearing and recommendations received, the Division has incorporated changes to the proposed emergency rules of January 2, 2015. The Director of the Division of Real Estate finds that immediate adoption of the emergency rules is imperatively necessary to comply with state law and for the preservation of public health, safety or welfare and that compliance with the rule-making requirements of § 24-4-103, C.R.S., applicable to non-emergency rules, would be contrary to public interest. Therefore, on January 6, 2015 the following emergency rules were adopted and will remain in effect for 120 days, expiring on May 6, 2015.



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